Honey Stick/Sachet Packaging Machine
Honey Stick/Sachet Packaging Machine

Honey Stick/Sachet Packaging Machine pack suits to pack all kinds of milk,soymilk, soy sauce, ketchup, water, juice, chili sauce, detergent liquid, cream, shampoo, oil, etc.


Liquid sachet/stick packing machine

This machine can be used to pack various liquid and sauces into sachets, like alcohol, whisky, honey, ice lolly, water, cooking oil, ketchup, tomato sauce, chili sauce, detergent liquid, milk, cream, juice, mayonnaise, olive oil, shampoo, shower gel, soy sauce, wine etc.


Packing specification
Bag size range
Width 30-150mm,Length 30-200mm
Packing weight
1ml- 200ml depend on products density and sachet size
Packing speed
30-60 bags/min
Package material specifiction
Material type
Material thickness
All kinds of laminated material
0.04 - 0.08mm

Main performance parameters
Total power
1.5 kw
Compressed air Consumption
Air pressure

Main specification
Touch Screen
Photoelectricity Sensor
Date Robbon Printer

Machine size
Machine Dimensions
Machine Weight

Machine Functions and Features

1. Machine frame and touch material is stainless steel 304.

2. Touch screen controlled, this machine can support 6 kinds of languages, there are Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, Korea and Russian language.

3. The different sachet length can be adjusted by the machine without changing parts.

4. Different sachet rel size need change the bag former. The machine includes one free bag former.

5. The machine includes the ribbon type date printer, it can print 3 lines, each line with max 12 characters.

6. The sachet sealing types have 3 side seal sachet type, 4 side seal sachet type, back seal type for choice.

7. The machine includes the photoelectric controller (eyemark).

We also manufacture Small Powder Sachet Packaging Machines HTL-400F (suits to pack the kinds of powder, milk powder, milk tea powder, coffee powder, spices, curry powder, protein powder, condiment, herbal powder, soap powder and other chemical and medical powders), Small Granular Sachet Packaging Machines HTL-400A (suits to pack the kinds of fine: sugar, salt, rice, beans, washing powder, seeds, potato chips,sunflower seeds, nuts etc )

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