Advantages of processed food packaging machines

Datetime: 2022-11-01    Visit: 2368

2. Satisfy high productivity

Theoretical productivity refers to the number or pieces of materials packaged by a machine per unit time. In actual production, sometimes it is necessary to prepare for production, to stop adding materials, to debug and repair machines, to inspect product quality, etc. Therefore, in actual production, the actual production rate is generally used to represent the productivity of the packaging machine, which refers to a packaging machine. The amount of material that the machine packs over a period of time. On the premise of meeting the requirements of use, it is necessary to improve productivity as much as possible.


3. Has a certain precision

In production, the packaging machine is required to have high productivity, high reliability, good quality of packaging products, and low noise, so the packaging machine itself should have a certain precision. Accuracy is divided into static accuracy, motion accuracy and dynamic accuracy. Static accuracy refers to the motion accuracy and mutual position accuracy of the components when the packaging machine is idling; motion accuracy refers to the uniformity and coordination of the motion of the working parts of the packaging machine; dynamic accuracy refers to the vibration, etc.) movement accuracy and mutual position accuracy.

The higher the precision of the packaging machine, the higher the requirements for the manufacturing precision of the machine and the material of the parts, which makes the manufacturing cost of the machine high.


4. Improve the working quality of the packaging machine

The working quality of the packaging machine is measured by the quality of the finished product after the material is packaged, which is generally expressed by the genuine rate of the packaged finished product. The genuine rate is the ratio of the total number of packaged materials to the number of qualified packages within a period of time. Waste refers to damaged packaging materials or materials, exposed materials, empty packages and inaccurate measurement.


The work quality of the packaging machine is high, which can directly improve the production efficiency of the packaging machine and reduce the product cost.